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I'd appreciate if you would write a bit more about this experience. Is it just about walking around, or interacting with the environment, too? I wasn't able to do any interactions besides walking. As I've only seen green grass, are there seasonal changes, because in the posted photo I see yellow grass? Another question I would like to ask you is, if you could make the viewing position a bit higher than it is at present, as about one third of my view seems to be covered by grass?

Hey! this is only meant to be a vague prototype. If you noticed the tag, it is posted as a FPX a first person experience:) If you would like to keep up with the development of this project, I am going to post additional changes quite soon.

There should be different colors in the grass, however, might be somewhat noticeable.

Also, concerning the height, that's part of the experience :)

i see, thank you for your information. :)